ticket management system ticket management system

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Ticketing System

Track and prioritize incoming service requests in one shared inbox that keeps your team organized and your customers delighted.

ticket management system
ticket management system
ticket management system

Internal collaboration

Collaborate with internal teams by using private tickets or private notes.

ticket management system
ticket management system Private ticket

Create private tickets in a customer’s name; these tickets are not visible, and no email notification is sent to the customer. Use this feature to record customer call logs or meeting minutes.

ticket management system Private note

To collaborate with internal teams, add a private note to tickets. This information is not visible to the customer.

ticket management system Share ticket

Using the share ticket feature, you can collaborate with teams in other departments that do not have access to the ticket.

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Benefits of Using IT Ticketing Software

With grid and table layouts, the ticket list page is designed to be modern, user-friendly, and intuitive.

Forward Ticket

  • Forward the support tickets to the external email address and create an forward activity.

Merge Ticket

  • Combine two or more tickets, as well as their attachments and messages, into a single ticket.

Split Tickets

  • Split a single ticket into multiple tickets, allowing different agents to work independently.

Clone Tickets

  • Cloning a ticket allows you to create a duplicate ticket by copying ticket.

Spam Tickets

  • Softrench can automatically identify spam emails and move them to a separate view for further review.

Save / Close Tickets

  • Save tickets or messages for future use

Quick preview

  • Using this view, you can quickly navigate and review tickets.

Quick action

  • Change category, status, and assignee; add tags and private notes; and log work without opening a ticket.

Keyboard shortcuts

  • Provide several keyboard shortcuts to perform ticket actions.

FE tracking

  • Track sales person

Add / Edit escalation

  • Provide several keyboard shortcuts to perform ticket actions.

Add / Edit alarm

  • Provide several keyboard shortcuts to perform ticket actions.

Frequently asked Questions


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What is a ticketing system?
A ticketing system is the consolidation point for managing incoming customer issues. By recording and organizing new tickets, the system provides visual progress on customer issues that enable your business to manage a growing customer base. Ticketing systems typically track support metrics such as agent response time, ticket volume, and active ticket stages.
What are popular ticketing system features?
  • Popular softrench ticketing system features include:
  • One-to-one customer communications at scale
  • Ticket monitoring and progress tracking
  • Feedback surveys
  • Ticket routing and automation
  • Data for knowledge base creation and management
Can ticketing software help with IT issues?
Softrench's ticketing system can help your team track, triage, and solve various issues ranging from external customer service problems to internal IT requests. Additionally, using a ticketing system to solve IT issues can help you identify repeat issues and build a knowledge base that helps users resolve their own issues without interacting with your team.
How much does Softrench's ticketing system cost?
Softrench's ticketing system is part of Service Hub, and you can get started with it for free. If you are looking for more advanced features to help automate and scale your support operations, softrench also offers premium Service Hub features with its Starter, Professional, and Enterprise options.

Ticket activity

Record any changes done in ticket activity. Using the Ticket History tab, you can view change logs for auditing.

  • ticket management systemField logs
  • ticket management system Automation logs
  • ticket management system SLA logs
Image 3
Image 3

Time tracking

Agents can record the amount of time they spend on each ticket.

  • ticket management system Billable and non-billable hours can be recorded.
  • ticket management system A Worklog report is available in the reports module and allows to view consolidated logs of agent time spent.

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